This I Dream

We all have dreams. Some of us dream about making a million dollars, some of us dream about becoming president, and some dream of curing a disease.

While at Target yesterday, I saw a man sitting on a bench, outside the store. Also, sitting on the bench was everything he owned. After visiting another store, I saw the man carrying all of his possessions in his arms, walking alongside the road. Walking to where? That I don’t know. I kept thinking of ways to help him, but I knew I could do little.

I share this story, because, if you ask me about my dreams, the list would go on and on. However, I do dream that:

1: Every human and animal have a place to call home.

2: Every human and animal have enough to eat for three meals a day.

3: Every human will have clothes to wear on sunny, cold, or stormy days.

4: Every human will be considered equal and not judged based on their race or gender.

5: There will be peace throughout the world.

This I dream.




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