Growing Old

I have been alive for more than 20 years (a Southern belle never tells her age). Through the years, I have discovered something-I like growing old. I like learning from my mistakes, using the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years, and experiencing new things.

There are of course parts of getting older I’m not looking forward to, such as bad eyesight and hearing. However, I am more excited than nervous.

I’m excited about finding prince charming, having a family, and seeing where life takes me. I’m excited about getting chances to listen to people’s stories about their families or “I had to walk seven feet in the snow to school” moments. I’m excited about maintaining my friendship with my four best friends for middle school, while making new friends. I’m excited about traveling to new places, taking on new jobs, and looking back at where the years have taken me.

Life is a journey and growing old is part of that journey. I don’t view “growing old” has getting grey hair and wrinkles. I view it as becoming seasoned, learning new things, growing upon what I already know, and enjoying the simple things life has to offer.





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