To Those Who Serve, Thank You

I have always had a soft spot for military members and veterans. I guess this comes from being the granddaughter of a World War II veteran and a daughter of an Army soldier, or it just might from my deep love for this country and those who serve. However, there is one thing we can agree on-that everyone who serves in the military deserves to be thanked for their bravery and sacrifice.

Earlier on Facebook, I saw a video about Joe Bell, a 95-year old World War II veteran who stood outside his house to cheer on runners during a local charity race, but quickly got a surprise when the runners began cheering him on instead.

The San Jose Mercury News reports Bell, dressed in his  full Army uniform, was spotted on the sidelines by runners. Many, then, began diverting off course to honor him by shaking his hand. One runner even panted “Thank you for your service.”

I encourage you to take the time today and everyday to thank a veteran for their service, because without their service and bravery, the United States could be a very different place. Also, take the time to listen to their stories about their experiences and time(s) serving in the military. Trust me, you will never forget them.

For ideas on how to thank those who are serving or have served, visit:







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