Simpler Times

“The good ole days.” This phrase means something different to everyone. To me, it means reminiscing about valued memories and simpler times, but what exactly are simpler times?

Sure, there were times when there wasn’t much technology or times when you spent most of the day outdoors. Throughout the decades, simpler times took on new meanings as people changed and ideas developed. My definition of simpler times is perfectly described in country music singer Miranda Lambert’s ‘Automatic.’ Lambert sings about doing things all by hand, not relying so much on technology, and life before everything became automatic–the simpler times.

Growing up, I remember shaking pictures to get them to develop, writing letters and putting a stamp on them for people to get them three days later, and recording movies and films on VHS tapes. There are benefits of technology and getting things at high speed, but there are also down falls.

Call me old-fashioned, but I would give anything to live in earlier decades. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the time I do now, but there are something things I would like to change, such as going back to the old ways and doing a little bit more by hand. My goal-incorporate the lessons, technology, and moments of today with the lessons and memories of the past.




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