Love Thy Neighbor

I, like most of the world, am trying to wrap my head around Tuesday’s horrific shooting of three students in Chapel Hill, NC. I just can’t fathom how someone can have so much anger and hatred to the point they take the lives of fellow humans.

Chapel Hill is no more than an hour away from me. I have friends who attend UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, and are Muslim. This scary situation has impacted them in ways I can’t imagine nor will be able to fully understand. As a female Caucasian Christian, the term “prejudice” is a little bit foreign to me. I know what prejudice is and the actions that comes with the word, but the only prejudice I have experienced is from being a woman.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this. Well, here we go:

No one, regardless of their gender, religion, or race, should be targeted and mistreated. Growing up, I was taught the golden rule “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Seems as if the world needs to be reminded of this rule.

If each of us within this world does one act of kindness each day, think about how many people would be impacted? There’s over seven billion people, meaning there would be over seven billion acts of kindness. Reach out to those you love and reach out to strangers on the street. Do whatever you would like, but make sure it’s positively impacting mankind.

All lives matter. All people deserve the best and to be treated fairly. Love thy neighbor.




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