Winter Thoughts from a Beach Bum

“Ok, got my hat, gloves, scarf…” This has been my mental to-do list every morning for the past few days as I head out to the door and into the cold. Yes, I do end up looking somewhat like Randy from A Christmas Story, but, hey, I’m a Southern girl who doesn’t do cold weather.

Like most of the United States, the South was hugely hit by the winter storm. Green grass is currently covered in snow and ice, and won’t be going away anytime soon. The high temperature for today is 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you read that right–16. Also, more winter weather is expected for tomorrow and Saturday. If I think we have it bad down here, I keep reassuring myself, saying at least it’s not Boston (bless their hearts).

Dealing with the winter weather can be stressful, and tiring, especially since I’m a beach bum. Trust me, I could live at the beach! To help ease this stress, I handle the frigid temperatures with these five tricks:

1. Wear tights or leggings underneath pants, to replace long johns–this helps me stay warmer!

2. Fix hat hair by spraying dry shampoo into my hair, after removing my hat.

3. Park my car facing east–this allows for the rising sun to melt the ice and snow off my car before I have to leave in the morning.

4. Make snow cream with fresh snow–all you need is snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla (I do turn into a 5 year old when the snow starts falling, but after a day or so, I’m done).

5. Dream of summer and picture myself sitting on a beach somewhere.

Stay warm!




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