First Day Jitters


It’s the first day of school for kids in my town. With the first day comes lots of fun, excitement, and nerves.

For me, the first day was always exciting and filled with wondering what friends were going to be in my class. However, nerves set in when I realized I was the only one I knew in class or when my schedule had two classes as far apart as ever from each other. These are just two of the jitters that annually occurred in August for about 13 or so years. By the time I got to college, this nervousness eased, just a little, because I realized everyone was going through the same thing.

The first day for anything-whether it be a job, school, or new adventure-can be scary, but also very special. We don’t know what lies ahead, but we do know that whatever it is, will be worth it.

My advice to take away the first day jitters-be yourself and be kind.




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