Post-College Depression: It’s Real and That’s Ok

You just graduated from college and finally have a degree in an area that interests you. So, now you are supposed to find a job and begin your career, right? But what happens when you aren’t sure you want to go into that field now or employees aren’t calling you back or in for interviews?

You get depressed.  Very depressed and that is exactly what happened to me. The last semester of my senior year I thought I needed to have a job immediately after graduating, that I needed to begin my career right away. After applying the majority of Spring semester, graduation finally came, but a job didn’t. June-no job. July-no job. Get the picture?

As more time went on, I got more depressed. I slept a majority of the day, ate (and cried) more than I should have, and watched t.v… a lot. (Trust me, I could tell you want happened with Days of Our Lives and Gilmore Girls that whole summer.) I thought maybe I should have gotten more experience, or done more internships. My friends were getting jobs and starting their lives, so why wasn’t I? What was I doing wrong? These thoughts had me up at night worrying and frantically searching the Internet for jobs. At some points, I didn’t care what I dI’d, as long as, I was working.

Then, something happened. I began freelancing and writing for a local magazine. Shortly after that, I realized it’s ok to not have a job right out of college,  it’s ok to “be lost” for a little bit, and it’s ok to not be sure of what you want in life. Being lost and spending a few months figuring out my life was a blessing in disguise. I went from being overworked and overbusy for four years to not having anything on my plate. I got to be, well, just me.

This time of being lost gave me a new perspective and allowed me to do things I wouldn’t normally have time to do. After this realization, I became happier. Yes, it took time and I’m still working on it, because I’m still working towards my career dreams.

So, if you just graduated and aren’t employed, don’t worry. Fill your time with other things, such as:

  1. Travel
  2. Learn a new craft or language
  3. Spend time with family and friends
  4. Freelance with writing, DIY projects, etc.
  5. NOTHING–you don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want.

Eventually, you will feel better and the depression will ease. You’ll begin looking for jobs and find one. Each day brings something new. It can be scary, because you are heading into the unknown. Put the great big world on top of that and things can get messy.

Post-college depression is real….and that’s ok, because you’ll be ok.




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