Why Milk and Bread?

The question “why get milk and bread when it snows?” gained national attention during recent winter storm Jonas. Take a trip down memory lane with me, as I answered that age-old question during last year’s winter weather.


Why Milk and Bread?

We all know the predicted snow tradition–run to the grocery store and grab milk and bread, before they’re all gone. On my snow shopping list is fruit, pizza, wine, and chips, but I also make sure I get the two foods listed above. So, why is milk and bread a staple during winter weather?

After doing a little research, I discovered these foods are actually terrible survival foods, due to one (milk) being non-perishable and the other’s (bread) short shelf life; however, they represent something. They represent life’s simplicity and comfort. An article in the Washington Post states “Symbolically, they’re easy to decode. Bread is the host, the staff of life, a palpable object of survival. Milk is … the sustenance that a mother provides an infant, a biblical promise (‘a land flowing with milk and honey’).” Knowing that food resources may soon be limited, it is part of our human nature to stock up on items needed for survival, especially if the items help put you at ease. This dairy and grain represent times in history where knowing if you had these two items, you were going to be okay–kinda like the comfort we need to feel when a snowstorm is on its way.

My advice to you: next time when it is supposed to snow, buy some milk and bread.



Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/01/26/why-blizzards-make-us-go-crazy-for-milk-and-bread/


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