Space Dreams

Doesn’t everyone have dreams about being an astronaut, going into space, and walking on the moon at least once? Those dreams for me haven’t sailed away quite yet, but get smaller each day. To help accomplish these goals, I live vicariously through other astronauts’ space adventures, such as Scott Kelly.

Kelly, along with Russian astronaut  Mikhail Kornienk, returned early today from a year-long trip in space abroad the International Space Station. Throughout the journey, the two shared extraordinary pictures of space and the moon on social media. These pictures exemplify the strength, courage, and determination Kelly, Kornienk, NASA, the International Space Station, and many more had to accomplish a historical dream. They also show how anything is possible, such as putting two men in space for a year.

Below are my favorite pictures from the record setting One-Year mission. All photos are courtesy of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. 

For more information about the mission, visit: 


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