The Picture that Shook the World

I was going to share a recipe today, until I saw a picture on social media. One that made posting the recipe impossible until I’d posted about the image. It was an image that stopped you in your tracks, pulled at your heart strings, and left you crying. It was the picture that shook the world.

Omran, a four-year-old Syrian boy

Last Wednesday, after an airstike hit his neighborhood in Aleppo, Syria, 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh was photographed in an ambulance. Daqneesh was pulled from the rubble that once was his home. Shock covered his face as blood and dust covered his body. In a video, Daqneesh rubs his eye and wipes his face. Then, he looks at his blood stained hand, before wiping it on the seat. The “boy in the ambulance” picture has been shared by millions throughout the world on social media.

This blog post has taken me a while to write. Yes, the first time I saw the picture was last Thursday, when it hit the airwaves. But, still to this moment, very time I look at it, my heart breaks. All I can think about are the thoughts going through his mind; how scared he must have been and how uncertain things were.

With no words, Omran Daqneesh told the world that we must do better to help our fellow human-beings. It’s more than loving them, we must reach out a helping hand to those in need, those who are hurting, lost, and in need of comfort. Volunteer in your community or with charities throughout the world, open your home and heart to those who need shelter, and feed those who are hungry.

According to an article posted on, several ways to help include:

The UN Refugee Agency: Plans include distributing sleeping bags, thermal blankets, raincoats, socks, clothes and footwear to the most vulnerable refugees. “Harsh weather conditions are likely to exacerbate the suffering of the thousands of refugees and migrants landing in Greece and travelling through the Balkans,” UNHCR spokesman William Spindler said.

Save the Children: Supplies food for Syrian kids and supports education in Syrian refugee camps.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders: MSF is operating two rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea that can carry hundreds of people to land.

Unicef: It delivers vaccines, winter clothes and food for children in Syria and neighboring countries.

Operation Refugee Child: Grassroots organization led by American moms who distribute backpacks of supplies to refugee children whose families are fleeing war and terror.”

Sadly, Daqneesh’s older brother passed away from injuries of the airstrike. But for Daqneesh, all we can hope is that he is well and on his way to a better life. A peaceful life that everyone in the world deserves.

Now, every time I pull up my blog, I am reminded of the picture that shook the world. For me, the boy in the ambulance will always be a sign of help and a sign that we must do more for our fellow human-beings.







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