DIY Funny Face Flip Book 

Get your family together and create some laughs with this easy and fun DIY Funny Face Flip book.


• White Cardstock
• Cardboard
• 3 Metal Book Rings
• Hole Punch
• Markers
• Scissors
• Stickers and Googly Eyes 




1. Fold the white cardstock into half and cut down the middle. Then, fold the two halves into half again and cutYou should end up with four pieces. Then, cut the cardboard in the same sizes as the cardstock pieces, for a backing
2. Next, cut each piece of the cardstock into thirds. Punch a hole in one end of the pieces. Then, lay three pieces onto your cardboard and punch another hole in the cardboard. There should be three holes, matching up to your cardstock’s holes. 
3. Using the metal book rings, attached the cardstock pieces to your cardboard backing.
4. Draw facial features onto each of the cardstock pieces. In the top sections, draw eyes, middle sections draw noses, and bottom sections draw mouths. Feel free to add eyelashes, eyebrows, teeth, etc. Get creative. Also, don’t forget to use the stickers and googly eyes. 
5. Once done, flip through the book, creating different face combinations. 
















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