Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Ole Days

Grandpa, tell me bout the good ole days

Everyone has a hero, someone they will always look up to, and someone they hope to be like one day. Well, my family is my heroes, but it was my Grandpa that had the biggest influence on me.

As a World War II veteran, my Grandpa loved telling his war story. Being declared MIA, with an Italian family keeping him and two other soldiers in hiding until the end of the war, this man exemplified the meanings of courage and bravery at the young age of 21. No matter what life threw at him, he continued to show bravery and courage in everything. From marrying Nana to raising Moma, he was the best.

Since my parents are divorced, Grandpa acted more like a father than a grandfather to me. He was at every school event, every dance recital, and every birthday party. Originally from Pennsylvania, this Yankee quickly became a Southern boy. For the past nine years, since his passing, I have missed him every single day, but I know his memory will always stay with me. I’m carrying on his sweet tea, Hershey’s chocolate loving, and stories for years to come.

On Season 4 of “The Voice,” winner Danielle Bradbery sang ‘Grandpa, tell me bout the good ole days’ by The Judds. This song really hit home with me. What I wouldn’t do to be back, sitting on my Grandpa’s lap, listening to one of his stories.




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