Life Hack: The Multiple Uses of Vaseline

There are only a handful of products that I keep stocked in my beauty cabinet. One of those products is vaseline. This household item has multiple uses, everything from beauty to the home.

  1. Can use in place of shaving cream
  2. Glosses lips
  3. Keeps cuticles soft
  4. Tames unruly eyebrows
  5. Lengthens and strengthens eyelashes
  6. Moisturizes chapped hands
  7. Removes makeup
  8. Shrinks pores
  9. Distresses furniture
  10. Repairs scratched CDs and DVDS
  11. Makes perfume last longer
  12. At Halloween, apply to the inside of a pumpkin after craving to last longer

Trust me, vaseline is a can’t miss product and will always want to have on hand.




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