From My Heart


It’s 10:30 on Thursday evening and I’m sitting here with a sleeping dog on my lap. As I look down and smile at this bundle of fur, I can’t help, but think about my day and ponder. I always say writing helps clear your mind and visually see your thoughts. So, bear with me, but these are the thoughts on my heart that I wanted to share.

  1. Dogs sleeping in your lap are absolutely the sweetest thing ever.
  2. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Month. As someone who struggles with mental illness, there needs to be more awareness and education about mental health and knowing it is okay to get help. The Royal Trio (Prince William, Princess Kate, and Prince Harry) have recently started the conversation through their work with Heads Together, but this conversation needs to continue, especially here in the US. And I will do all that I can to help end the stigma.
  3. Today, I decided to sponsor a child to help get them clothes and supplies for the next school year. Funny thing, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.” Looking back, I’m very glad I made the decision that I did.
  4. I want to be nicer. Life has taken its toll on me and I have let my stress, anxiety, and depression take the fun and “niceness” out of me. I want to do better and help more people. I want to love, laugh, and live. Lastly, I want to spread kindness throughout everything I do. May is a good time as any to start a new habit, right? 🙂
  5. Don’t worry about what’s happened today, just look to tomorrow. Sometimes, I let the things that didn’t go right get to me. Its like they are on repeat in my head. But, I’m trying to learn to let go and not worry about them, because tomorrow is a new day.




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