Day 1


Wow! It has been a while, since I last posted. September flew by and was full of ups and downs. October began full speed ahead and started with a career change. I ended up leaving my full-time job and am now working at home writing and helping manage a local magazine. And you know what, I love it….even though, it has just been one day. That’s right, I am starting something brand new. A new schedule, a new adventure.

Working from home has been something I always wanted to do, but could never figure out how. The promotion in the magazine happened at just the right time. In early September, my grandmother had a stroke. Thankfully, she has regained all of her movement and speech ability. However, she has other health problems that have my family rallying around to help her.

This recent change in my life got me thinking about a lot of different things. It’s funny, I had mixed feelings about leaving my full-time job. I was ready, but sad to see it end. Later that same day, I went to a conference where the speaker talked about endings. Ironic, right? Everything in his presentation connected with me and I knew it was the right time and I had made the right decision to change things up. The speaker was New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink. Pink spoke how endings are supposed to energize you, help you encode, edit , and elevate. In addition, he said they are supposed to leave you feeling happy and sad. This was the speech I needed to hear to confirm my recent decisions.

My hope is that I can use this time to organize my life, rest what is needed, and get a better gain on who I am as a person. I want to write, I want to take pictures, and I want to get around to doing all of those projects that I have kept pushing further down my to-do list. I am blessed to have a job I can do anywhere. Where I’ll go from here? No one knows, so stay tuned. This is only day 1 of my new journey. I hope you’ll join me.




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