Can I Get an Amen?


There are some times in life where the struggle is too real. I mean the moments where you thought you were already tough and you get tougher. Well, this has week has been filled with them.

You see just before midnight on Friday, October 13th, my dog of 17 years passed away (more about that in a later post). Since then, I have been trying to adjust to a new “normal.” In the mist of that, my grandmother is recovering from a stroke and had a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy was to determine whether or not she had cancer, because of high platelets. This past Thursday, we received the results and while it is still “cancer,” it is the type where she can take a chemotherapy pill each day for the rest of her life and be fine. However, between the 13th and now, I have been on edge (great for my anxiety, great right?) and in constant worry about what else will my family go through? Haven’t we had an enough? I’ve told God many times, “if you are trying to make us strong, I think we’re strong enough.” Then, it hit me.

This. Is. Life. Life is a constant battle of finding beauty, laughter, and love, through the pain and struggle. I have become tougher during these past two weeks and I hope I continue to become tougher. This fall has been a challenge yet I have discovered more about myself and where I want my life to go. As hard as it has been, I don’t regret anything, because I know more about the person I am meant to become. Everybody has these moments and once there are all said and done, you’ll scream a loud “amen, I made it!” These times only make you stronger, tougher, and more grateful for the sweeter moments in life.




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