Be a Friend and Stop Bullying!

You may have seen the video, circulating online, of Keaton Jones. Keaton is a brave young man. In the video, he talks about being bullied, wonders why people do that and says “to stay strong, it gets better, I guess.” Keaton’s mom posted the video online and since then, it has gained the attention of people and celebrities nationwide.

Bullying is an epidemic that many children and adults are facing. It is heartbreaking and needs to be stopped. One way is by showing kindness. Let’s teach our children to be kind and compliment each other. There is no excuse for bullying. No one should be disrespected for their looks and lifestyle. God made them special and He has a reason for everything. Keaton’s reason is to show the world that bullying needs to be eliminated. There is so much hate in our world today. Let’s challenge ourselves to stand up to bullies. You never know how much random act of kindness can impact a person.

Keaton – I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration you are. You brought attention to the issue of bullying. We, as a nation, need to celebrate our differences. Know you are changing the world. You have motivated numerous people and have tackled a tough issue. Thank you for being so strong! You’re handsome and smart. Your bullies are just jealous, because they can’t be as awesome as you!




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