5 Secrets to Mastering the Art of Organization

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Lately, I have been Marie Kondo-ing it up and getting my house organized before going back to school. Cleaning isn’t my favorite thing to do, yet being organized is a must. I’m a mix of messy and Monica from Friends…you could probably call me a type-A messy person.

While completing my cleaning haul, I discovered a few new tricks for better organization and I must say, I am THRILLED at how good these tips worked. These pieces of advice are effortless and most importantly, ones you can easily maintain. After all, isn’t everyone looking for simpler approaches to life’s “tough” tasks?

  1. Roll items, instead of folding them. In my dresser, I normally folded my leggings, tank-tops, etc. and laid them flat in the drawer. This technique took up a bunch of space. Instead, this time around, I rolled each item and stacked them vertically, side by side. The tinier rolls of clothing took up ten times less room and looked neater.
  2. Look for wasted space. I have been known to clutter rooms and store everything in a place where it can be seen. My mindset changed after realizing I was sick of seeing things all over the floor. Instead, I placed the pieces under my bed. Areas of wasted space are lifesavers. Get creative with your storage, by thinking about the places that are often overlooked in your house, such as under the bed, over the door, the top shelf of the closet.
  3. Visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. Recently, I read that the rules of organization are visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. As I moved from room to room, I kept those three words in mind. If an item isn’t used on a daily basis or is needed only twice a year, that item is stored in a less accessible and visible area. Don’t forget to label storage containers when needed, especially for the items that are not used as much. Another thing I discovered was to be flexible with organizing. I spent about two days in my bedroom and can’t tell you how many times I rearranged my closet and shelves until they were just right.
  4. Storage can be creative. Use decorative baskets, galvanized buckets, and hat boxes as storage containers. Cardboard and plastic boxes are a thing of the past when visible in your home. My office is full of fabric drawers and glass jars, holding items. Just be careful to not overdo the storage containers. You don’t want your home to look cluttered.
  5. Speaking of clutter, less is best. My love for tchotchkes and knit-knats is strong. I can fill up a tabletop with pictures, candles, and memorabilia from the 90s. Yet, I had no space to work, eat, etc. Decluttering is key to any room. As I went through the different spaces, I created boxes and separate these types of items into things I want to set out, things I want to keep in storage, and things I want to give away. The knit-knats that were sentimental and had the most value to me were used as decoration, while the others were moved into one of the two other boxes. As hard as it was to remove all the tchotchkes, I am loving the newfound space on my desk.

Honestly, it takes a great deal to get me organized and stay organized. However, with my anxiety, I need to have a place for everything and have some type of order to live by. Usually once or twice a year, I complete this big organizational purge and I am always glad that I did.

Happy Organizing!








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