Calling All Teachers

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The Little Things

You have probably heard the saying “It’s the little things in life that make it special,” but do you really believe that? I do.

A smile on someone’s face can make your day or just a simple compliment to know you are doing alright. Looking back over the years, I remember more of the little things, instead of the big pictures. The little moments help piece together the bigger ones.

My favorite story comes from being in the eleventh grade. I was having a bad day and of course, it was raining. As I walked from one building to the next, I slipped and fell. Slipping and falling is a daily occurrence for me, but what I remember about this story is that my friend, I was walking with, kept going. He didn’t see me fall, until I said something.

This story stands out for me, because I remember calling his name and saying I had fallen. From that information, I’m able to piece together the remainder of that day and always bring a smile to my face remembering it.

Whether it’s a funny moment, listening to your favorite song, or reading an article about a baby, with hearing difficulties, hearing their mother’s voice for the first time, it is the little things in life that make it all worth it.

My challenge to you today is remember the little things that help you remember today for years to come.



This I Dream

We all have dreams. Some of us dream about making a million dollars, some of us dream about becoming president, and some dream of curing a disease.

While at Target yesterday, I saw a man sitting on a bench, outside the store. Also, sitting on the bench was everything he owned. After visiting another store, I saw the man carrying all of his possessions in his arms, walking alongside the road. Walking to where? That I don’t know. I kept thinking of ways to help him, but I knew I could do little.

I share this story, because, if you ask me about my dreams, the list would go on and on. However, I do dream that:

1: Every human and animal have a place to call home.

2: Every human and animal have enough to eat for three meals a day.

3: Every human will have clothes to wear on sunny, cold, or stormy days.

4: Every human will be considered equal and not judged based on their race or gender.

5: There will be peace throughout the world.

This I dream.